​​Dancer - We are excited to be starting Dancer, a 3yo rescue quarter horse. Dancer is pretty high strung and head shy, so we have our work cut out for us starting her under saddle. Can't wait to see her transform into a nice quiet horse with a solid foundation that any one would love to have! She may even turn into a cowboy mounted shooting horse! We'll let her pick her job that she will enjoy the most  :) Update : Dancer has progressed AMAZINGLY!  She is very smart and willing to please, we think she will make it as a performance horse!

​​Inca : We are excited to be restarting Inca, the 14yo Arabian! She was started about 5 years ago with 60 days, but due to time restraints the owner couldn't do much with her over the years. It's never too late for a new beginning! Update : Inca progressed WONDERFULLY and quickly. She was taking all the obstacles and trails on amazingly and is now back with her owner living the dream, in just 30 days!

​​​​Pika: Pika aka 'Shuda Seen It Coming' is a beautiful aqha palomino mare that had had around 9 months of professional training elsewhere. Even with her extensive training, her owners still wanted her to be a quieter horse, that could have some collection when loping her and not throw her head in the air. She was a very athletic mare that definitely wanted to please. In around 60 days she was pretty soft on just an o-ring snaffle bit and would collect while loping and and stay nice and quiet on a big loose rein! We enjoyed working her with many of our trail obstacles.

​​Breezy: Breezy is an arabian mare from right here in central NC. Several years ago she had 30 days of training on her from someone else, but she was never calmed down enough for her owner to even ride her around the roundpen. We spent some time with Breezy and her owner and got her under control and on the both on the same page! Check out more pictures and info on her on our Facebook page.

We update this page every few months and all horses are not listed. If you have any questions regarding training, please contact us. Thanks!

​​AJ : Having a great time working with Elf and her 13yo gelding "AJ". She had decided AJ had been hanging out long enough and if she didn't start working on getting him started this year, he may never get started. They're making GREAT progress!

Contact us today to get your horse on the list! We usually stay booked 1-2 months out, so don't wait! 

​Due to time restraints, this list of horses has not been updated since 2015. We have succesfully trained just about every breed of horses out there, for just about every discipline out there. From colt starting to horse showing - we can help you achieve your goals! Contact us for pricing. Thanks!

​​​​Fonda : Super proud of Fonda taking home the 1st place blue ribbon in the Professional Division at the Extreme Trail Challenge Obstacle Course hosted by the North Carolina Horse Council today! Fonda was started as a western pleasure horse and sold to Evelyn Taylor as a 3 year old. To no fault of her own, she has unfortunately basically been a pasture ornament for the past 10 YEARS! We have put about 55days on her to get her back going and begin to expose her to trail obstacles. She has taken them on phenomenally and has a very promising future in the obstacle course discipline. She will be traveling around the country competing at the highest levels in no time. Hard work pays off!

​​Thunder : We are excited to be working with this gorgeous AQHA grulla mare called Thunder! She has come to us very hot blooded, pushy, and reactive. Our goal is to get her cooled off and quieted down for wedding activities coming in the beginning of October for her owner! Update - Thunder was AMAZING! She has gotten super quiet and her and her owner are now working as a team and doing great!

​​​​​Risky : Risky is a gelding from the coast of North Carolina that had a major bucking problem. The last time he bucked his rider off, she unfortunately was hospitalized with a leg broken in two places. That's when she said enough is enough and sent him to us to get his behavior under control. After some time working with getting him desensitized to spooky things on and around the saddle, he quieted on down and stopped his bucking! Check out more pictures of him and his owner on our Facebook page!

​​Tuff : We were excited to be working with this beast in preparation of a mounted police unit located in the far south east portion of the United States! He came here spooky and reactive and left super quiet and confident. He has since been a perfect horse back home with his unit! 

​​Lena : We are excited to be working with 'Docabadger' aka Lena, a 4yo quarter horse! We will be working on getting her super quiet and started on barrels for a young rider. Can't wait to see what her future holds! Update : She made very fast progress and is loping barrels, has an amazing handle including sidepassing, two tracking, backing circles, and super light in the mouth! This little horse will go far!  

​​​​​Happy: Happy is a aqha mare we took in under consignment from Dave Lohrey Training Center in Central NC. She had 60 days put on her there a few years ago, but since then has been a pasture ornament. We restarted her and had her going through and over about any trail obstacle challenge you can think of! She was quickly sold some great folks out of Western NC, and they have been nothing but thrilled with her ever since!

​​Xaviar - Had a great time working with this little 4 year old stud colt getting his first ride put on him with Sarah! They don't come much quieter than him!

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